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Serpent Dynasty ring

Serpent Dynasty ring

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Step into the timeless grandeur of ancient Egypt with the “Serpent Dynasty” ring, inspired by the majestic temples of the Pharaohs.

Handcrafted by William Llewellyn Griffiths in 18ct yellow gold. The ring itself is a marvel of design, taking the form of a miniature Egyptian temple. Two intricately detailed cobras representing the cobra goddess Wadjet, uphold the temple on either side, their mouths open in eternal vigilance. These regal serpents wear crowns adorned with shimmering emeralds.

The floor of this golden temple is crafted from deep blue lapis lazuli, evoking the sacred waters of the Nile and the heavens above. Each corner of the temple is graced with eagles symbolising the goddess Nekhbet who was the protector of the Pharaoh, their carved wings elegantly wrapping around the band, representing divine guardianship.

At the heart of this magnificent ring lies a pyramid-shaped rhodolite garnet, a stone of striking beauty and depth. This central gem is carved with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics: the Eye of Horus for protection and power, a scarab beetle for transformation and renewal, an ankh for eternal life, and a bird for the soul’s journey.


This ring is a unique one-off piece and is a size S 1/2 AU/UK, 9 1/2 US. As this ring is a one of a kind, please contact us if you would like a custom piece made just for you. Allow 6-8 weeks production time, subject to stone availability. If you need something sooner, please let us know.


18ct yellow gold - Weight  is 33.16 grams 

Centre stone is a Pyramid shape  - 11.7 mm x 11.7mm, 9.5 cts, Rhodolite garnet carved intaglio with Egyptian Hieroglyphs. 

32 mm at widest point 

28mm Height above finger 

2mm Cabochon Emeralds on each snake head 

A square slab of Lapis Lazuli on the floor of the temple  

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