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Metal Couture



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Inspired by the sheer opulence and intricacy of grand gilded baroque mirrors, these earrings take their name from Torquato Tasso’s tale of Rinaldo and Armida. Magnificently ornate, these earrings are as intoxicating as Armida’s garden itself.

Meticulously handcrafted in 9ct rose gold, each earring is delicately formed with a cornucopia of fine flourishes of scrollwork, floral garlands, fleurs-de-lis, and shells. The studs themselves feature two gorgeous 8mm x 6mm cushion cut untreated morganites (combined carat weight of 2.68cts) beneath golden shells cradling two 3mm round creamy white pearls. Within their golden frames at the heart of each earring lies two enchanting 20mm x 11mm pear shaped untreated morganites. Each with a carat weight of 16.46cts. A feast for the eyes, six 6mm x 5.2mm pearls complete the drop in ravissement! 

Measuring 75mm in length from the top of the shell to the bottom of the pearls, each earring is 30mm in width at it's widest point and weighs 12.62 grams (total weight 25.24 grams).

All pieces are made with love in William Llewellyn Griffiths' Melbourne studio. Upon request these earrings come with an accredited valuation.

Torquato Tasso’s tale of Rinaldo and Armida was the subject of many beautiful Baroque and Rococo paintings. Finding crusader Rinaldo asleep by a river the sorceress Armida means to take his life, though once her eyes fall upon his face she falls deeply in love. Often depicted with pearls in her hair and surrounded by amorini, Armida binds Rinaldo with her rose garlands before abducting him on her flying chariot across the ocean to the island of Fortuna. There in the oasis of her enchanted gardens, Rinaldo bewitched and memoryless, is held captive, intoxicated by Armida’s love. His two knights Carlo and Ubaldo mount a rescue, and upon raising a mirror of diamond to his eyes the illusion is at last broken. Upon his escape Rinaldo is met on the opposite shores by the Magus of Ascalon who uses Rinaldo’s shield to conjure visions of his future victories in war and return his focus to his crusade. Armida, abandoned and grief stricken sheds many tears within her gardens and in some iterations is said to have destroyed them.

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